This article will provide an overview of SCAPPMAN and tell you why patching is important. It will also tell you how SCAPPMAN can help with deploying third party apps and updates in a SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) solution.

SCAPPMAN is a 100% cloud solution that automatically installs your applications and keeps them up-to-date. You can find more info on their site.


 1. Why should you look for a solution like SCAPPMAN for patching your third party apps?

Keeping software up to date with the latest security patches is essential for companies in a time where cyberthreats are as hot as they are today. Patch management makes sure your applications are constantly up to date and don’t have any vulnerabilities in them.

The top 3 benefits of patching your applications:

  1. Improved security: protect your environment from security breaches by having a constant flow of patching your applications.
  2. Minimized downtime: ransomware and other cyberattacks can bring your business to a stop or halt. Functional bugs can also provide downtime to your applications.
  3. Compliance: organizations are often required to have a certain level of compliance. Patch management is a necessary piece to achieve this.

What does the CIS (Center for Internet Security) think about patching third party applications?

The CIS provides Critical Security Controls to help organizations improve cybersecurity. Control 7 on their list addresses this issue. This is what they say in a nutshell (you can find their full Critical Security Controls on their website):

“A comprehensive patch management framework is required to have the following capabilities:

Information gathering. By periodically scanning devices, organizations can identify which ones need an update and can deploy their patches sooner. Some automated patch management software also collects hardware and user details to provide a clearer picture of endpoint status.
Patch download. Downloading a patch is a relatively straightforward process. The difficulty comes in when a large number of devices need different updates or the organization relies on many different operating systems. Automated patch management software should be able to handle both of these situations smoothly.
Package creation. A package consists of all the components needed to apply a patch. Automated patch management software should be able to create packages of different levels of complexity and with many different kinds of components.
Patch distribution. To avoid frustrating users and disrupting business processes, patch management software should be able to be programmed to launch at certain times and run in the background.
Once a patch has been applied, organizations should gather intel on which devices have been upgraded and which updates were used. Automated patch management software should generate automatic reports so that IT teams can plan which steps to take next.”


2. Where does SCAPPMAN plug into?

As SCAPPMAN is a SaaS solution, it plugs into MEM (Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune) and MEMCM (Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager).

But take care if you are still on MEMCM and have no Co-Mgmt enabled by now, you cannot take advantage of their product, but I’d recommend you to enable Co-Mgmt, otherwise you’re gonna be years behind on what’s happening. Just do it and move those workloads.

So yes, for MEMCM, Co-Mgmt is a requirement as the Apps workload needs to be shifted to MEM Intune. And while that workload is completely shifted, you can still benefit from both worlds and deploy apps with MEMCM but also with MEM Intune. So again, enable Co-Mgmt and move that slider!


3. How does the packaging flow look like at SCAPPMAN?

Without diving into the backend to deep, the image below will explain everything. To keep it short and simple:


4. Registration options

How can I register for a trial? There are different options that can suit your needs:


So this was my blog post about SCAPPMAN where I gave an overview and told you why patching is important.

I’ll be blogging again in the coming weeks and show you the registration process and how to deploy apps and keep them patched!

Happy testing!