This article will describe SCAPPMAN, and how it can help with deploying third party apps and updates in a SaaS (Software-As-A-Service) solution. Situation:
  • Azure AD Joined Intune managed devices
  • Hybrid Joined managed devices
  • Implementing a solution that will help customers with their third party app deployment and updates

SCAPPMAN is a 100% cloud solution that automatically installs your applications and keeps them up-to-date. You can find more info on their site.

Scappman Third Party Apps and Updates

 1. What are the main advantages of Scappman?

  • It’s a Belgian product! 🙂
  • Intune integration of course!
  • Deployment of third party apps – more apps added to their catalogue regularly
  • Keeping your third party apps up to date
  • Deploy your apps and updates with deployment rings – and this happens in the SCAPPMAN backend. To make your life easier.
  • Multi-tenant – with a lot of company’s and MSP focusing on Managed Workplace, this is a huge advantage
  • There is a reseller model
  • The startup is eager to work together with partners and help develop their product even more with feature requests

2. What is still on the roadmap of SCAPPMAN that even makes it more worth your while?

  • Customizable pre/post install scripts
  • Automatically collect logs of failed installs
  • Virus scan on each Intunewin package creation, this will be done through ClamavNet
  • Adding your own packages – this is a feature that will be mind blown, and a big gap I see in current products that offer the same solution. In all the projects that I’m doing there is the question of adding their own packages to the repository of the tool they are using now. Up in till now this was not available in any solution that I know of
  • There full roadmap is visible here: Scappman’s roadmap
  • You can add feature requests on their roadmap, and believe me they are eager to hear your ideas and implement more features

3. How can I play with SCAPPMAN?

Of course they are offering a free one-month trial version, so if you are eager to test their product out, and I can only recommend you to do so, sign up for a trial here: SCAPPMAN.
The rest is pretty straight forward, click on the Register button and start playing around with it.

4. My experiences?

I’ve been playing with this recently, and up till now I can only advice you to start playing with it also. The product is great. It’s a startup, keep that in mind, but the boys behind it are very much open for feature requests that it’s fun working together and brainstorming on what can still be done to make their product more mature. This can be a gamechanger. It’s easy to setup, to enroll, to deploy, to onboard more tenants. So this was my blog post about SCAPPMAN, who help with Third Party Apps and Updates in a SaaS solution. Happy testing!