Windows Autopilot only works perfect if you don’t have to extract the hashes yourself. Otherwise the point of ‘Zero Touch Deployment‘ goes away. But what if you can get the device hashes from HP for Autopilot pre-production testing? And this at no cost at all for pre-production testing! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Because a lot of customers are moving the Modern way these days. We get a lot of Modern Workplace migration projects lately. I think the COVID-19 situation opened a lot of eyes of companies and organizations, and they know that now is the time to change!

In stead of contacting HP, here is what you have to do:

1. When is this option appropriate?

When an organization is still evaluating Autopilot deployment capabilities and options on a pre-production scale. Most customers still employ this option. HP provides a file with the unique identifiers (hardware Hash) for all specified devices. The customer’s IT Administrator then uploads that file through Intune to complete the registration.

So get the device hashes from HP for Autopilot pre-production testing!

2. How do you initiate this request for device hashes from HP for Autopilot?

To initiate a request for registration, some information is required.

The key inputs are:

  • Customer’s HP order number (if available)
  • Customer Azure AD domain and tenant ID
  • Customer Azure AD contact name/email
  • Device serial numbers (single-column, comma-separated values text file) in an attached .csv file (Note: Alphabetic characters in the serial number must be in upper case.)

3. How to put in a request?

At this time, all requests must be submitted in writing, to the HP Autopilot team, at [email protected]

In my experience, it takes about max 24 hours before you get the hashes from HP. Don’t forget to upload them in your tenant!

Have fun with Windows Autopilot!

Happy testing!